Who We Are

Since 1859 the Roberts family has had a hand in building the future of Amherst. From transportation at L. J. Spear’s Blacksmiths to Arthur Frank Jewelry to EV Roberts Real Estate and then Roberts Builders Inc. many of the buildings, commercial and residential, that we call home, shop, or dine in today were made possible by a Roberts. The Roberts family has been an integral part of the constructing, envisioning, and realization of the Amherst Area we know today.

Newspaper advertisement from 1959
Newspaper advertisement from 1959

Barry’s father Everett began EV Roberts Real Estate in 1959 and in 1972 Barry established Roberts Builders Inc. after working full-time in the trades post his college graduation in 1968. Barry started his company building single-family homes, large and small remodels, and commercial projects throughout Amherst, Hadley, Deerfield, Hatfield, and Springfield. While he built his company Barry made investments in his company’s future with ownership opportunities of both commercial and residential properties throughout the Valley, becoming one of the largest stakeholders.

In the winter of 2024 as Barry completed his Fearing Street project, his 4th major housing development in less than 3 years: One University Drive, 70 University Drive, East Street Commons, and finally 180 Fearing Street. Barry came to realize he continues to deliver on time, under budget and with full tenancy that it was time for a new chapter in the Roberts story. 

The origin of The Roberts Group

Barry took Roberts Builders, EV Realty Trust, and a myriad of partnerships and LLC has formed The Roberts Group LLC., incorporated in the winter of 2024 The Roberts Group was created to build the future. The Roberts Group builds on over 50 years of partnerships, relationships, reputation, and know-how. Family led with members including Barry’s Children Kathy and Kenneth and a growing team of professionals to assist in the success as large-scale projects break ground.

The Roberts Group owns and manages more than 125 residential units throughout Amherst, Hadley, and Hatfield. Gail Flood has worked closely with Barry leading his residential leasing and management team. Gail is also the key point person for The Roberts Group’s future construction budgeting, design support, and controls.

The Roberts Group owns and manages over 70 commercial tenants that range from international, national, regional, and local businesses throughout Amherst and Hadley. With a fast-growing commercial footprint Barry brought on Gabrielle Gould to lead the Commercial division after years of working with her as the director of the Amherst BID.

With a committed and passionate management and legal team, the Roberts Group continues longstanding partnerships with Bacon/Wilson Attorney Thomas Reidy, Office Manager Sharon Roberts, and a team of hard-working professionals.

The Roberts Group prides itself as being community-driven. Working with community partners, Barry builds and develops strategically to enhance the Pioneer Valley that his family has called home for close to 200 years. Barry sits on many local boards, committees, and is a tireless supporter of his community. He works with those who share his values.

While Barry is arguably one of the busiest developers in the Valley, his heart is with his children, grandchildren, and the 12 Draft horses raised on his farm at Muddy Brook. When not on a building site, Barry can be seen driving a team of Belgian Draft horses with a carriage full of gleeful visitors and residents of the area. This spring The Roberts Group breaks ground on 55 S Pleasant Street with 22 residential units and first floor commercial and 422 Amity Street with 80+ residents and over 18,000 sq ft of commercial. We are only just beginning.

EV Roberts newspaper advertisement
Newspaper advertisement from 1959

Our Team

Barry Roberts


Barry Roberts’ family has shaped the future of Amherst for over 160 years. A graduate of Western New England College class of 1968 Barry formed his first company Roberts Builders Inc. in 1972. An avid Draft horse owner Barry helped found Muddy Brook Farm with his daughter and keeps his teams at his own farm off Bay Road. Having raised 2 children and now enjoying working with his grandchildren as members of The Roberts Group, Barry continues to be a visionary for the Amherst Area. While Roberts Builders may have started small with remodeling and building single-family homes he is now the largest developer and Stakeholder in the Valley. Barry resides on his farm and has shared his life for the past 20+ years with his partner Sandy Renaud. The Roberts Group is the next chapter in his family history.

Gail Flood

Director of Residential Property Management

Gail Flood has been an invaluable part of the Roberts Group for years. While Gail manages his entire residential portfolio her true skills are the budgeting of all Roberts Group Projects, project management and quality controls. From concept through move in Gail is hands on every step of the way. Prior to Roberts Group Gail was the Senior VP with Yankee Candle, growing Yankee from the original factory store to over 300 stores nationwide in less than a decade. It is Gail’s attention to detail, personal relationships and mastery of budgets that ensure that the Roberts Group projects come in on time, on budget and are leased to capacity on day one. Gail resides in Western MA on a stunning Cattle Farm.

Gabrielle Gould

Director of Commercial Properties

Gabrielle Gould joins the Roberts Group after 5 years leading the Amherst BID and bringing the Town of Amherst back to economic prosperity post pandemic. During her time working in Economic Development at the BID, Gabrielle worked diligently to bring the commercial vacancy rate in downtown Amherst to less than 2%. She also founded the 501c3 Downtown Amherst Foundation that created and built The Drake: Live Music and Performance Venue. Gabrielle was appointed by Governor Baker in 2022 to the Mass State Economic Committee where she continues to serve. Gabrielle’s background in small business, banking, commercial real estate, economic development, construction and project  leadership make her a valuable addition to The Roberts Group. Gabrielle resides in Amherst with her family.

Tom Reidy


My legal practice is devoted to helping clients who seek to develop, redevelop, or use their land. I have worked successfully with clients across the Commonwealth in various permitting contexts and land litigation matters, working with zoning boards of appeal, select boards, city councils, planning departments, and conservation commissions, as well as counseling municipalities on land use, planning, and zoning. I also focus on complex residential and commercial real estate transactions including contract and lease negotiations; agricultural and conservation easements and restrictions; affordable housing development and regulatory agreements; food and beverage licensing; and condominium formation, operation, and financing. This specialized knowledge and experience allows me to accomplish client objectives efficiently while also ensuring that every detail is properly addressed.

Sharon Roberts

Office Manager

Carey O’Brien

Leasing Coordinator

As Leasing Coordinator, Carey brings a wealth of talents to The Roberts Group. Her strong organizational skills and creative solutions blend perfectly with her strengths as both a warm people person and an innate problem-solver. Before joining The Roberts Group, Carey was responsible for overseeing all operations of 18 retail stores as a district manager with the Yankee Candle Company. She also launched two home-based businesses while raising a young daughter. Carey’s constant drive to conquer the to-do list with a smile makes her a vital part of our team. Carey resides in Hatfield, along the Mill River, with her husband and daughter.


Kathy Roberts


Kenneth L. Roberts


Kenneth L. Roberts resides in Saint Paul Minnesota with his lovely wife Jackie and their beloved Yorkie Elliot. He is currently the Chief Clinical Officer for the NUWAY Alliance non-profit program in Minneapolis, MN and has worked for over 15 years as a clinician, clinical supervisor, and administrator in various levels of co-occurring care treating substance use and mental health disorders. A graduate of the University of Minnesota with a master’s degree in professional studies he also serves as an adjunct faculty member to both the University of Minnesota and Metro State University. Mr. Roberts is on-track to complete doctoral study in behavioral health at the Cummings Graduate Institute (CGI) in 2025 and hopes to use his education and experience serving the Amherst community soon.